After less than a week in police custody, Sony was rendered a quadriplegic [The Age]

Six days after being taken into police custody, Aboriginal man Sony Ray Austin’s spinal cord was severed and he was rendered a quadriplegic. Sony’s injury is the basis of a lawsuit brought by firm Robinson Gill, which often represents people injured during interactions with police.

Dani Laidley sues Victoria Police over alleged leak of custody photos [ABC News]

Dani Laidley, the former North Melbourne AFL coach who was outed in public as transgender after vulnerable photos of her in custody were allegedly leaked, is suing Victoria Police. Ms Laidley's lawyer, Jeremy King, declined a request for comment.

‘He can’t breathe’: The troubled life and tragic death of Danny Richards [The Age]

State Coroner John Cain’s inquest into Mr Richards’ death in custody has allowed The Age to piece together his final moments, who was in charge of the 48-year-old’s welfare and how he came to die in the hands of those called to help.

Aboriginal man sues over alleged police brutality after bike light arrest [The Age]

Mr Penny’s lawyer, Jeremy King, declined to comment while the matter was before the courts.

The government needs to stop illegal detention of older people [The Age]

Jeremy King, a solicitor who has sued the police for false imprisonment, has seen a court award $30,000 for 30 minutes of false imprisonment.

Police head-stomp victim speaks out about violent incident caught on video [ABC News]

Jeremy King commented: “There appear to be some pretty deep-seated issues within Victoria Police and I sincerely believe that will only ever change if we have proper and true and robust independent oversight of Victoria Police, which at the moment we don't have, simply because IBAC is critically under resourced and underfunded.”