The government needs to stop illegal detention of older people [The Age]

Jeremy King, a solicitor who has sued the police for false imprisonment, has seen a court award $30,000 for 30 minutes of false imprisonment.

Police head-stomp victim speaks out about violent incident caught on video [ABC News]

Jeremy King commented: “There appear to be some pretty deep-seated issues within Victoria Police and I sincerely believe that will only ever change if we have proper and true and robust independent oversight of Victoria Police, which at the moment we don't have, simply because IBAC is critically under resourced and underfunded.”

Officer charged, dozens disciplined over alleged leak of Dani Laidley image [The Age]

Laidley was arrested on May 3 and within hours her mugshot was shared broadly on social media, along with a photograph taken inside the police station – shot through the glass wall of an interview room – which showed her being questioned by two uniformed officers.

More than 95 per cent of Victoria’s COVID-19 fines have not been paid [3AW]

New data shows that more than 95 per cent of fines issued for breaches of the Chief Health Officer’s directions have not yet been paid.

Body-worn police camera laws in VIC need urgent revision for use in civil matters [Australian Lawyers Alliance]

Laws surrounding body-worn police cameras in Victoria need urgent revision so that access to video footage cannot be denied in civil proceedings, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

Police camera ruling ‘denies courts critical evidence’ [The Age]

Victoria Police officers cannot be compelled to release footage from body-worn cameras in civil proceedings following a County Court decision last month which has prompted calls for urgent reform of the laws that regulate their use.